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The 4 Functions of Behavior

Every behavior has a purpose, or function. The four functions of behavior are: to get something, to get rid of something, to get attention, and to communicate. Many times, a behavior serves more than one of these functions. For example, a child may whine to get their parent’s attention and also to get a toy that they want.

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What is Stimulus Control?

What is Stimulus Control? Stimulus control refers to behavior that occurs more often in the presence of a stimulus than in its absence. Stimulus control

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How to Study for the BCBA Exam

What to do first when preparing for the BCBA Exam Congratulations! You’ve done the hard part. You’ve passed your classes, collected your supervision hours, and

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What are Conditioned Motivating Operations?

Conditioned Motivating Operations in ABA Conditioned motivating operations (CMOs) are motivating operations that are established through learning history. CMOs are just like unconditioned motivating operations

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