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BCBA Mock Exam Questions - BCBA Practice Exams and the BCBA Fifth Edition Task List Study Guide are available in the Shop

A college professor, before handing out an exam, informs the class that they can leave class as soon as they finish the exam. What type of contingency is he implementing?

A behavior analyst designs an intervention for several members of a group home. The behavior analyst writes the intervention using several acronyms and abbreviations in the plan. The plan is highly effective, but the acronyms tend to confuse the other behavior analysts. What dimension of ABA did the treatment plan violate?

Which of the following answer choices is not related to stimulus relations?

Chad plays baseball for his local men’s league team. Today, in honor of one of the sponsors, the whole team is wearing colored wristbands. Chad does not like to wear the wristband while playing in the game because it is unpleasant to him. The wristband functions as a _____?

Michael wants to dunk a basketball. A basketball goal is 10 feet high. Michael asks his friend to measure how high he jumps, and to provide him with reinforcement each time he jumps higher than the last measurement. Michael does this until he is able to dunk. What procedure is Michael and his friend using?

Your significant other wakes up earlier than you for work during the week. However, whenever they wake up, they always make too much noise and wake you up as well. If you wanted to implement a differential reinforcement procedure targeting the noise-making behavior, what differential reinforcement procedure would be best?

Susan grew up in an abusive household. After many years of fighting, she was finally removed from the home and placed in the foster care system. However, Susan still will wait for permission to eat her dinner because that is what her prior household would have her do. This behavior is ______?

Gina’s client loves to throw his pencil on the ground for attention. He will generally laugh afterwards, and then comply when told to pick it up. On Monday, it took the client 2 minutes to pick up the pencil after being told to pick it up, and on Wednesday it took the client 1 minutes to pick the pencil up after being told. What is Gina measuring?

You pull up to the drive-thru at the coffee shop. The attendant says, "what can I get you?" You say, "One coffee please." What type of operant is this?

Your client's parents don't believe they can implement an intervention you designed. What should you do?

What are the two components of a motivating operation?

An intervention that occurs as a reactive strategy is considered a _______?

Which of the following reinforcement schedules represent continuous reinforcement?

Session notes: “The client engaged in self-injurious behavior. The client swung an open hand towards his leg repeatedly contacting the palm of his hand. A red mark was observed as a result of the behavior.” What is this session note describing?

Every Sunday after lunch, Lisa talks to her mom. At first, Lisa only called her mom. Now, on Sundays after lunch, Lisa will call her mom, text her mom, or drive to her mom’s house to see her in person. In terms of contacting her mom, Lisa is demonstrating ______?

Three student researchers recently completed a study using a multiple baseline design. Their supervisor identified several confounds during the intervention and indicated that the research should be replicated before it is submitted for publication. The study may lack ______?

Before Susan, a BCBA, finalizes her treatment plan, she makes sure she conducts at least 3 direct observations with her client. This most closely adheres to what attitude of science?

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Non-contingent reinforcement is considered what type of intervention?

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You are delivering feedback to an RBT during supervision. You inform the RBT that they are running discrete trials correctly, but you would like to see them deliver reinforcement and feedback quicker following a response. What are you most likely concerned with regarding the reinforcement and feedback?

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Private events were first considered explainable behavior through _______?

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