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Ready to Pass the BCBA® Exam?

Our BCBA® Exam Course offers full length BCBA® practice exams, a fifth edition BCBA® task list study guide, and fluency flashcards. All BCBA® study materials are created by a board certified behavior analyst® with years of ABA training experience. Our 185 question mock BCBA® exams and bacb fifth edition BCBA® task list study guide is most effective when used with our YouTube videos. We recommend our Combo Pack which includes all study materials and produces the best results. Pass your BCBA® exam with ABA Exam Review.

Five BCBA® Practice Exams (5th edition)

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BCBA® Exam Combo Pack - Get Everything! (5th edition)

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BCBA® Task List Study Guide (5th edition)

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If you are looking to become a BCBA there are no better resources available. I was able to pass my BCBA exam on the first attempt! I recommend everyone purchase the combo!

Karen C.

BCBA, used practice exams and study guide

I just passed my BCBA exam yesterday and I found your study guide and videos extremely helpful!! Thank you for breaking down each question and explaining everything so well!

Ashley C.

BCBA, used combo pack

Your mock BCBA exams and videos helped me pass my BCBA exam on the second try! Thank you!

Jennifer F.

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Why Choose Our BCBA® Exam Prep?

How many attempts do I get on each mock exam?

Unlike other companies, once you purchase the exam, the exam is yours to keep. You can take it as many times as you want. Our exams are based on the 5th edition task list.

Can I email you with questions?

You can email me at anytime with questions regarding exam prep or questions you have while studying.

What else can I use to study for my exam?

Our Youtube channel is the best in the business at providng aba study materials and behavior analysis content. We upload BCBA exam videos weekly.

Is the study guide based on the 4th edition or 5th edition?

The study guide is based on the BACB® fifth edition task list. As of January 2022, the BCBA® exam is now based on the fifth edition.

What is the average pass rate for the BCBA® exam?

The average pass rate fluctuates year to year, but it typically stays between 60% and 65% for first-time test takers.

What is ABA® Exam Review?

ABA® Exam Review is an industry leader in BCBA® exam preparation. We offer BCBA® mock exams, BCBA® study guides, and our #1 trusted combo pack.

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