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Preparing for the BCBA® exam? Look no further than our BCBA® exam prep and BCBA® study materials. Our BCBA® fifth edition task list study guide covers everything you need to know from the BACB® task list. Our full length BCBA® mock exams help you study the type of questions that you will see on the exam. Pass the BCBA® exam with ABA Exam Review.

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Our BCBA® exam review features a full library of BCBA® Exam YouTube videos guaranteed to help you pass the BCBA® Exam. Videos include full Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® mock exams, BCBA® exam practice questions, and a full break down of the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® 5th edition task list. BCBA® Exam study with us on YouTube to see our full library of applied behavior analysis videos.

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BCBA® Exam Study Materials

You won’t find better BCBA® exam prep materials anywhere else. ABA Exam Review offers full length 5th edition 185 question BCBA® mock exams, a complete fifth edition BCBA® exam study guide, and question explanation videos are available to help you pass the BCBA® exam. You will receive printable exams as well as digital exams so you can study in a way that matches your learning style. We recommend a target score of 85% or higher on our practice exams.  Those who reach this goal typically pass their BCBA® exam on their next attempt.

Five BCBA® Practice Exams (5th edition)

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BCBA® Task List Study Guide (5th edition)

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Success Stories from Current BCBAs®

Read these real testimonials from real customers who are now board certified behavior analysts®. Pass your BCBA® exam with our materials which include Board Certified Behavior Analyst® practice exams and the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® exam study guide from ABA Exam Review.

I just passed my test on Monday! #oneanddone I used your study materials and honestly out of everything I used to try and study, your materials, especially the videos, were so helpful.

Rachel K, BCBA®

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I just passed my BCBA exam yesterday thanks to your Youtube videos and mock exams. Thank you!!!!

Maddy, BCBA®

BCBA®, used videos and practice exam

I can’t thank you enough for helping me pass my BCBA exam. I finally achieved what I set out to do. I failed twice before finding you, but finally passed on the third time. 

Sharon R, BCBA®

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What is Behavior Analyst Exam Review?

Behavior Analyst Exam Review from ABA Exam Review is the Behavior Analyst continuation of BT Exam Review. The BCBA® exam can be intimidating due to the approximately 60% pass rate. We are here to take the fear out of preparing for the exam and to give you the best chance at passing. Let our BCBA® practice exams and our 5th edition bacb task list study guide guide your success.